Created By: Webman97


Project Codename: Myth of the World

Project Type: Gaming Community

Primary Project Platform(s): Xbox One/Windows 10

Duration of Project: November 2018-present

Role: Founder/Owner



Associated Website(s):

Server IP(s):

  • | Killing Floor 2 Servers



  • Creation of Myth of the World (MythWorld) – November 26th, 2018
    • The name “Myth of the World” was created based on the fundamental values I believe make a strong gaming community. When speaking with other community owners, I have been told these values are myths. I disagree.
  • Creation of Discord Server – November 26th, 2018
    • While initially reluctant to create a Discord server based on previous experiences and overall quality compared to Teamspeak 3, we decided to launch our Discord server because it is the preferred platform of our target audience.
  • Creation of MythWorld Website – December 7th, 2018
    • We launched our website for longer-term communications such as mod lists, reoccurring events and major announcements.
  • New Years Eve – December 31st, 2018
    • We finalized our 2019 plan for MythWorld and set it into motion.
  • Launch – January 10th, 2019
    • We announced our game server network launch via Twitter when the servers were ready for the public.
    • We launched servers for Conan Exiles, DayZ, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Squad and Killing Floor 2.
    • All Killing Floor 2 servers were an immediate hit, bringing in many new members and creating the foundation for the MythWorld community.
  • Shutdown of Squad Server – January 11th, 2019
    • After further review of the Squad Server license, we opted to take down our Squad server.
    • Statement from Webman97 regarding Squad’s server license system: “After further review of Squad’s server license system that admittedly should have been done before we launched this server, we fundamentally disagree with how Offworld Industries has chosen to issue server licenses. Offworld Industries is openly admitting their player base is not capable of providing high-quality servers without supervision. The best servers I’ve ever played on were not supervised by the developer, they were supervised by players who truly care about the game. Offworld Industries defines this supervision in their ‘Game Server Administration Guidelines’. Many of the guidelines listed force server owners to host a very specific type of server – one that does not allow a server owner to create a positive and unique culture within their own community. This kind of control and restriction does not allow room for expansion or growth, instead favoring large gaming communities who can provide the manpower Offworld Industries mandates to obtain a server license. Squad’s server licensing system as of today is a win-win for the developers: they do not have to host official servers and their player base does all the work! If you dont make it on the server list this server license gives you access to, you’re classified as an unreliable server and therefore an unreliable community. While we respect Offworld Industries right to enforce community guidelines within their game, this is not the right approach. As such, we’ve taken our Squad server offline permanently.”
  • Server Changes – January 16th, 2019
    • We took down our DayZ server in favor of launching three Killing Floor 2 servers, one for all other gamemodes (Endless/Versus Survival/Weekly Outbreaks).
    • We announced and launched our replacement for Squad, Insurgency: Sandstorm.
  • DingyTheDingbat – January 29th, 2019
    • DingyTheDingbat was recruited as a Community Officers to help moderate our platform.
  • MythWorld Events & Game Night – February 21st, 2019
    • We announced the beginning of our weekly event: MythWorld Game Night, taking place Sundays at 8pm EST.
    • The event is recorded for YouTube and/or livestreamed to Twitch.
  • Server Changes – March 9th, 2019
    • We took down our Conan Exiles, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam and Insurgency: Sandstorm servers after noticing increased interest in our Killing Floor 2 Platform.
    • We replaced the servers we took down with a new initiative – Community Servers. Members can now request to host any type of game server on the MythWorld network. These are the rules:
      • At least five members must express written interest (we recommend doing this on Discord).
      • We will then host the requested server for two weeks with 24/7 uptime as our network allows.
      • To renew a server, five members must express continued written interest no more than four days before the server expires.
      • Anyone who wishes to make a request or express interest in a request must be an active member of our community and a member of our forums for no less than 14 days.
    • We restructured our ranking system, removing region-based membership.
  • MythWorld Events & Halo Missions – March 14th, 2019
    • We announced that we will begin hosting MythWorld Halo Missions when Halo: The Master Chief Collection is released on PC.
    • This event will focus specifically on custom games, however everything PC and Halo will be included (such as campaign, firefight, Halo Wars, etc)
    • Event Types Include:
      • Classic Halo 3 Custom Games (including Ghost Town, Jenga Tower, Infection Maze Runs, Cops and Robbers, Destroy the Bridge and more!)
      • Halo Legendary Campaign Grinding
      • Halo Legendary Firefight Grinding
      • Halo Wars Tournaments
  • Moist and PanicButton98 – March 31st, 2019
    • Moist and PanicButton98 were recruited as Community Officers to help moderate our platform.
  • Server Changes – June 20th, 2019
    • With Killing Floor 2’s Summer 2019 Back and Kicking Brass update, we published our Community Server on our website and launched an Objective Server!
    • Our community server is ranked and contains custom maps that can be found on the Steam Workshop. Members can request to add a custom map via Discord or our forum!
  • MythWorld Events Restructure for 2019 – July 17th, 2019
    • We decided to restructure all MythWorld Events to encourage event participation! Part of the restructure included a new Discord rank for participation (MythWorld Competitive Night “Chicken Dinner”)
    • Tuesday – MythWorld Competitive Night (12:30am EST)
      • Members compete for the rank of Chicken Dinner.
      • Rules:
        • There can only be ONE WINNER per event.
        • Event is not limited to Killing Floor 2.
    • Thursday – MythWorld Co-Op Night (12:30am EST)
      • Members play Team Building games and gamemodes.
      • Rules:
        • Any game played must rely on teamwork to win.
        • Event is not limited to Killing Floor 2.
    • Saturday – MythWorld Killing Floor 2 Night (12:30am EST)
      • Original MythWorld Game Night Event.
      • Rules:
        • Event is limited to Killing Floor 2!
    • Impromptu Events – MythWorld Game Night
      • Random events that are hosted based on requests from members in the Discord voice lobbies.
      • No rules/restrictions
      • Little to no notice will be provided for these events, as they are impromptu.


Top Contributing Members:

  • DingyTheDingbat
    • Community Officer, January 2019-present
  • Moist
    • Community Officer, March 2019-present
  • PanicButton98
    • Community Officer, March 2019-present