Created By: Webman97


Project Codename: MildMadness

Project Type: Game Server

Primary Project Game(s): Minecraft

Associated Game(s): N/A

Duration of Project: June 2012-January 2014 (One year and six months)

Role: Founder/Owner



Associated Website(s): N/A

Server IP(s):



Project Description: Originally a Faction server, MildMadness was created as a result in my developing interest in PC Gaming as well as server development and management. As my first game server project, MildMadness allowed me to grow and understand what managing a gaming community is like and what responsibilities come with it. During most of its life, MildMadness was on dedicated servers, all funded by the community. After converting from Factions to a multi-world hub two months later, the server entered what users called the “Golden Age of MildMadness”. This was the point where the server made the most revenue in its life, allowing me to put it on dedicated hardware for a very long time. The decision was made to convert MildMadness from the multi-world hub setup to Towny 6 months later. This decision proved not to be popular, as part of the community immediately left once the update was released.

In February of 2013, MildMadness merged with a similar server known as Dynamic Minecraft. A month after the merge, Dynamic Minecraft shut down and MildMadness rebooted in its original state. After the reboot, many community members did not return to the server. Instead, a new community was formed around the concept of the Towny plugin. The multi-world hub was finally left behind and the server reached its “Silver Age”. In October of 2013, the server returned to Factions. This scattered the community once again. With no recovery in sight this time around, I chose to allow community members to vote for what kind of server they wanted. The winning plugin was CivCraft after a week of polls. Once CivCraft was set up and brought online, the community was reduced to five players. This lead to its final shutdown.


Message to Project Participants: Thank you for your support in the development of MildMadness. I will remember all of you, as you hold a special place in my heart. MildMadness allowed me to learn the benefits and consequences of certain actions in a gaming community. Learning this through a successful gaming community allowed me to grow both as a game server administrator and website administrator. I will miss the fun times we had.