Project Codename: FreeCraft

Project Type: Game Server

Primary Project Game(s): Minecraft

Associated Game(s): N/A

Duration of Project: July 2011-September 2012 (One year and two months)

Role: Bedrock VIP Member



Associated Website(s): N/A

Server IP(s):



Project Description: I have been unable to locate much information on this project since its termination. I randomly joined this Minecraft server around June 2012 (shortly after I built my first PC), and found myself donating to support the server. After logging many hours in-game, I applied for the rank of Moderator on this server and made it to the last round of interviewing with one other candidate before I was rejected. I eventually found out one of the Administrators convinced the Owner to overlook my application in favor of another candidate. Thus, I never became a member of staff on this server. This is also where I met associates that got involved with Elusion Gaming and DarkVault, both as Administrators in each project.

This project began in the very early stages of Minecraft’s development, dating back around the time the alpha version of the game was released. The Owner developed a unique server for its time, setting the foundation for many Minecraft server owners (including the Dynamic Minecraft project). The Owner implemented features such as the Towny Plugin and Player Markets before any mainstream servers thought of the idea. However, the Owner had some difficulty staying active on the server due to personal issues, and ultimately became inactive until an Administrator literally blew the server up with TNT. Around this time, I left the server to focus on MildMadness and the FreeCraft server entered an “on-and-off” phase.


Message to Project Participants: To those of you being redirected from the FreeCraft domain, this is all of the information I can provide. I am no longer in contact with the project’s creators.