Elusion Gaming


Created By: Webman97


Project Codename: Elusion Gaming

Project Type: Gaming Community

Primary Project Game(s): Garry’s Mod, Insurgency, Minecraft, Rust, and Team Fortress 2

Associated Game(s): N/A

Duration of Project: May 2014-July 2015 (One year and two months)

Role: Founder/Owner


Website(s): http://www.elusiongaming.com | http://www.playfbp.com

Associated Website(s): N/A

Server IP(s):

  • mc.mildmadness.com
  • mc.playfbp.com
  • rust.elusiongaming.com
  • ins.elusiongaming.com
  • tf2.elusiongaming.com
  • gmod.elusiongaming.com


Project Description: As my first multi-game gaming community, Elusion Gaming allowed me to learn a completely different aspect of game server and website administration. Elusion Gaming originally started as Frostburn Gaming with myself and two friends. Both agreed to help maintain the game servers of their choosing when the groundwork was finished. Once the work was complete, both decided they no longer wanted to be a part of Frostburn Gaming. This prompted me to halt the project indefinitely.

A friend of mine saw Frostburn Gaming and had a different vision. He agreed to join me in my efforts to create a gaming community on one condition – the name had to be changed. After hours of brainstorming, Elusion Gaming was created. We got to work immediately. All servers and even the website had a small revamp. We launched in August 2014. A month later, Mojang’s Minecraft EULA was in the spotlight. Moving forward with Elusion Gaming, my friend lost motivation to continue our gaming community when Microsoft purchased Minecraft. Elusion Gaming was then shut down in November 2014 indefinitely.

Plans to reboot Elusion Gaming were created in May of 2015. This included rebooting MildMadness in its original “Golden Age” state (see “MildMadness” tab to learn more). However, my friend and I mutually decided to terminate the Elusion Gaming project permanently in July 2015.