Dynamic Minecraft


Created By: Carbon131 and JMM


Project Codename: Dynamic Minecraft

Project Type: Game Server

Primary Project Game(s): Minecraft

Associated Game(s): N/A

Duration of Project: June 2012-April 2015 (Two years and nine months)

Role: Administrator (February 2013)


Website(s): http://www.dynamicminecraft.net

Associated Website(s): N/A

Server IP(s):

  • dyn-mc.net


Project Description: Dynamic Minecraft was a project created by Carbon131 and JMM. In February 2013, I merged my MildMadness Minecraft server with Dynamic Minecraft to work with Carbon131 and JMM. Once I took over Dynamic Minecraft, both Carbon131 and JMM became inactive on the project. When both owners went inactive, I felt that it was pointless to continue their project. I joined the team to contribute to the server, not inherit it. A month after running the project on my own, I decided to shut down Dynamic Minecraft and reboot MildMadness. As a result of rebooting MildMadness, Carbon131 rebooted Dynamic Minecraft. Both servers rebooted in the state they were before the merge. The only exception to this was VIP Perks, which were transferred to the server of the players choice if they donated during the MildMadness-Dynamic Minecraft Merge.


Message to Project Participants: To those of you being redirected from the Dynamic Minecraft domains, this is all of the information I can provide. I am no longer in contact with Carbon131 and JMM.


Top Contributing Members:

  • Carbon131 (Owner, June 2012-April 2015)
  • JMM (Owner, June 2012-December 2014)
  • incognatious (Administrator, June 2012-April 2015)