Regarding DarkVault: 

Any one of the following methods are the best to contact me regarding my current project, DarkVault:

Regarding Inactive Projects: 

I will not be revamping and/or rebooting previous inactive projects. I do not give away any of my code/content either, as this content does belong to me. I believe that no server administrator runs gaming communities the same, therefore I do not have faith that someone can run my previous projects “the same way I did.”

As long as you are aware of this, and I know what inactive project you’re contacting me about, feel free to contact me using the following methods:

Regarding Anything Else:

I dont mind helping old friends out, but keep in mind I run my own project(s) and am already helping friends that I stay in contact with on a daily basis. I also dont mind meeting new people, but I will not dedicate as much time to meeting new people as I will developing my existing friendships.