ArmA 3


Game Name: ArmA 3 (Armed Assault 3)

Developer: Bohemia Interactive

Publisher: Bohemia Interactive

EngineReality Virtuality 4

Platform: Windows, OS X, Linux


Genre: Military Tactical Shooter

  • Community members call this a “MilSim” game, which stands for “Military Simulation.”


Release Dates:

  • Windows
    • September 12th, 2013
  • OS X, Linux
    • August 31st, 2015

Link on Steam:


My Experience:

  • As a Gamer
    • I was introduced to ArmA 3 when a friend of mine noticed that I owned the game and never played it. Back when I hosted Minecraft servers, I had friends ask me to purchase ArmA 3. However, they were so focused on Minecraft, I never ended up playing it with them.
    • ArmA 3 lived up to the complexity that I would expect from a game attempting to achieve realism. The developers went so far to establish realism that Altis and Stratis are based on real locations in Greece, and Tanoa is based on Fiji. Dont believe me? Take a look.
    • While I enjoyed the Breaking Point Mod, I strongly disliked combat. Until I launched my own server, I generally refused to enter combat situations in Breaking Point.
    • After hosting my A3Wasteland server(s) for an entire year, I came to understand the combat system and enjoyed ArmA 3 as a gamer for its complexity.
  • As a Server Host
    • Learning the back-end administrative tools for ArmA 3 was just as complex as learning the game itself. After eight months of experience working with ArmA 3 tools in both a VPS environment and dedicated environment, I was able to plan and execute an update that would have been impossible without constant experimentation and loss/corruption of data throughout the experimentation process.
    • I angered a lot of players by losing their data. This was a massive problem until I enabled external saving. Data integrity is extremely important in this environment, as the experimentation might not matter if you lose the people who asked you to experiment in the first place.
  • As a Developer
    • The updates that Bohemia Interactive push are always good in terms of vanilla ArmA 3 – they fix many features that were broken. However, they break many mods and missions in the process. A vicious cycle.
    • I learned many aspects of computing through working with ArmA – MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, CSS, C#, and C++ by developing my website landing page, modifying my mission files, and saving in-game items to a MySQL database.
  • As a Community Administrator
    • The ArmA community is generally mature and calm. Players enjoy their experiences as long as those around them do not incite violence. Games are not about drama, they’re about passing time in an enjoyable environment.
    • Hackers are almost nonexistent compared to my previous projects.
    • Many United States Military Veterans and College Students play this game.